Formação Sistema Damon com Pedro Costa Monteiro

img_4196Apresento-vos a formação sobre o Sistema Damon, dirigido pelo Dr. Pedro Costa Monteiro, no Porto.

Deixo aqui a sua apresentação e o link da clínica:

Hello and welcome to the BPCM education!

I am Pedro Costa Monteiro, I’m an Orthodontist working at Oporto, Portugal.

Most probably you’ve already heard about Damon System.

In fact, I’ve been working with this technology- Damon System-, for the last 9 years applied it in almost seventeen hundred patients and the results in all these years, have been outstanding.

That is why, today, I am inviting you to our brand new, “In office Course on Damon System”.

It will take place in Oporto, a beautiful and charming city that you will definitely appreciate and enjoy.

There are three important issues about the” In office Damon Course”, that highlight, its difference and value:

  •  It is limited to three Doctors ,
  •  It personalized to their needs,
  •  It will provide the knowledge to enable the trainees to use the Damon technology, (Philosophy)

In what refers to subjects to be covered along the course, I highlight, the bonding techniques, sequence of wires, surgical case studies, differential treatment protocols, Torque selection, as the most important.

The theoretical lessons will be schedule in the morning, and the afternoon period will be dedicated to the clinical observation. We shall cover about 20 patients at the different treatment phases.

During the training period required ( 3 days), you will have also the opportunity to know our beautiful city, as special tours through Oporto are organised and included.

I hope I offered you good reasons to come, visit and learn in Oporto.

Autor: Celso Da Costa

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